Our Vision & Goal

In light of chronic budget shortfalls, this year GAP is asking Council to at minimum support priority issues of safety and long-range planning. Keeping parks safe is critical to their value and has a direct relationship to accessibility and usage. Perception that a space is not safe or accessible is, in effect, viewed as a primary barrier to use and enjoyment.

Austin’s park system can live up to its world-class potential by investing $4.4 million in the outlined safety and planning measures requested by PARD. We respectfully encourage City Council and Mayor Adler to include the attached investments in the FY2017 Budget.

2016 – 2017 Budget Ask

Aquatics Safety and Security – Automated External Defibrillators (AED) $49,451
Grounds Maintenance Safety and Security – Hepatitis B Vaccinations $30,000
Grounds Maintenance Safety and Security – FTE’s for Playground Safety and Maintenance Team $405,359
Aquatics Safety and Security – Aquatic and Nature Based Program FTEs Lifeguard/Instructor $1,615,133
Nature Based Programs Safety and Security – FTE Request – 10 Park Ranger II $850,679
Joint Use Parks Safety and Security – GAVA $500,000
Park Planning & Development Long Range and Master Planning – Consultation for Long Term Plan $950,000
TOTAL $4,400,622